Global Strategy

Our global strategy creates enterprise-wide organizational consistency using one platform for all your programs.

We live in an ever-changing global economy.   Experts estimate that nearly 30 percent of the employees in U.S. based multinational companies currently work outside the U.S. with most of those employees being local to the country in which they work.  It is predicted that globalization of the marketplace will continue to grow and could triple the middle class in developing countries, raising as many as 1.2 billion people out of poverty by the year 2030—providing increasing numbers of multicultural employees and opportunities for global business growth. 

INGAGE is a full service provider who recognizes that each client is unique and has a different culture.  Communication is a critical part of any recognition and rewards program, but it is especially true in international interactions.  We are interested in the long term success of your organization and the business results you are trying to drive.  Therefore, we take the time to understand our client’s goals and through teamwork create unique and dynamic service/recognition programs all on one platform.  

We currently provide integrated solutions in over 100 countries, with multiple languages utilizing in-country fulfillment for merchandise as well as an international Visa card in several currencies.