Employee Recognition & Performance

Based on your core values, we change your culture to improve retention, drive performance and increase your bottom-line.

Properly established and implemented Employee Rewards, Recognition & Performance Programs have been strongly linked to boosting company morale and have proven far more effective than cash-based incentives. 

Performance Incentives help you maximize the performance of your People and improve your bottom-line.  We focus on pinpointing and tackling your specific business issues, particularly those connected with driving ROI (improving sales or reducing costs). We work with you to develop a performance improvement strategy, market this strategy to your participants, elevate their behavior and ultimately reward them for achieving target goals.

By utilizing the Ingage Technology Platform, Recognition & Performance Programs can be stand-alone or integrated with other applications.  This allows you to take advantage of the benefit of combining all of your recognition and/or performance Incentive programs into one solid platform… reducing administrative burdens and creating consistency enterprise-wide.

  • Service Awards
  • Health & Awareness
  • Safety
  • Sales Incentives
  • Nominations
  • Spot Recognition
  • ProductivityReferrals and Leads

As newly hired, younger employees enter into the workforce, Early-Year Recognition Programs have become increasingly popular because as they allow the company to engage with these employees early in their career.

Employee Engagement studies show that workers are most vulnerable to leaving a company within the first 18 months of employment. Taking steps to form a connection with new employees and letting them know they are valued within the organization will have a significant impact on reducing early turnover statistics.

• Custom Presentation Materials

• Employee Emails

• Company-branded Items

• Brand-name Rewards

• Manager Training Website

• Manager Notification Emails